• recklessarts

Resting my bones (5/52)

For many reasons, it took me a long time to realize the gift that rest is. I swallowed a story that said putting yourself first, caring for yourself, nurturing yourself, was a selfish endeavor. What I know now is that you cannot serve if your cup is empty. When my well is dry, I become passive-aggressive, angry, and resentful. Resting helps to remove me from my automatic response cycles. My mind clears up, my heart softens and I open.

Never diminish the brilliance of rest.

Never let the shadow of your "shoulds" shroud this light.

Rest your bones, your heart, your voice,

Lay in stillness anyway you can,

In the dead silence of the night,

In the soft warmth of bathwater

In the pauses between exhale and inhale.

Whatever space you can give to quiet, Give it boldly, selfishly, and whole-heartedly.