“I hate having my picture taken. She talked about her vision and how much fun we would have. Pure trust in her, and she made me feel like I was safe, loved and beautiful. I felt so vulnerable and empowered simultaneously! I've gotten to see myself in a sacred and beautiful way for the first time.”

 - A.L.S.


“Working with Caitlin is a gathering of light, the elements, spirit and space in still image. She celebrates and explores with you. As a photographer, she opens to the delights of the moment, allowing a mutual learning, a gifting. A magnificence is born in such playful artistic creation."

- W.A.R.


“Having a portrait taken on a favorite mountain was incomparable to the portraits I was compelled to do in my youth. Caitlin revealed to me a new way of vision and perception. She was able to cut through my self-conscious mental blocks in order to relax into a place and truly be captured in the moment,”

 - S.M.L.


“During this photo shoot, I experienced Caitlin to be respectful, ingenious in choosing the environments to pose, organic in how she executed each shot and sensitive to me. Being a professional artist myself, I can strongly say that this creative endeavor was both inspiring and transcendent."

 - T.G.